Wednesday, October 30, 2013

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It's easy to keep a positive attitude and have fun when you're on a hot streak and doing well during your online casino gaming event. But what happens when you hit a bad patch? What separates successful gamblers from novices is the ability to survive through rough patches without falling apart. Players who excel at casino gaming have the ability to remain calm and clear-headed when the cards or dice aren't going in their favor. This understanding is similar to what maze-solvers learn when they're working on their mazes -- when you hit a dead end, turn around, go back and try another path. Luck will eventually swing back in your favor. It's important to be a "good gamer." A good gamer is someone who plays smart -- who studies the games, practices new games in the free mode before signing in to pay for real in the real mode, who knows his limits, who analyzes the possibilities and aims for the options that will offer him the best results and who considers all of his options when placing his wager. While the wagering dilemma may seem to be the most important point, it's often the most overlooked aspect of smart gaming because many gamers believe that it's too complicated for them to contend with. There are multiple wagering strategies that are applicable to casino games played at both the brick-and-mortar casinos and at the online casino. Some of the most popular wagering strategies include the Progression Betting System which involves progressively increasing or decreasing a wager depending on previous spins, the D'Alembert system in which players decrease their wager value by one unit during a winning streak and increase the wager value by one unit during a losing streak; the Martingale system in which the gamer doubles his bet after a losing spin, the  Labouchere system in which wager values are kept low as the player chooses his line of numbers and adds numbers at both ends to determine the bet size, the symmetrical Red Snake bet system in which the wager is placed so that numbers touch to form the shape of a snake and the prime numbers wager in which the player bets on prime numbers (numbers that divide by 1 or by themselves).  The wagering alternatives make an thrilling game even more exciting as the gamer decides which system will work for him.
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Giraffe Maze Psychedelic Op Art - Maze Solution

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