Thursday, July 26, 2012

Popular Blackjack Strategies

horse for chinese lettersA popular blackjack strategy that is often used when playing at the land based casino, or when playing online blackjack, is the card counting strategy.  The theory of card counting is based on the idea that the blackjack probabilities change all the time as the cards are played and do not remain constant. For example when playing a game of blackjack for real money with a single deck of cards, the player may notice that all of the cards with low denominations have been dealt, this means that he will increase his bet as the chances of a more successful win are greater than before the other cards had been removed. Using the card counting strategy is no easy feat and requires intense concentration on the part of the player and the ability to calculate fast. The best way of becoming proficient at card counting is to practice as often as possible and at the online casino it is possible to practice this for free.

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