Monday, July 30, 2012

Roll The Roulette Wheel, Online

It’s your turn to enjoy and play mobile roulette or online roulette. Where do you begin? First of all, you should start in demo mode with online casino games or mobile choices, as they’ll give you a feel for the games before you bet money. Then, you should take a look at your many betting options. You can certainly bet on just one number with 35:1 odds. You can bet on two, three, four or five numbers. These all have varying odds of winning and you should take a look at those before you begin. Then, if you want to look at groups of numbers, you can look at the line bet where you bet on six neighboring numbers. The odds here are 5:1. Or, you can bet on a trio bet where you bet on two or three numbers along with the zero for odds of 11:1. The zero split bet is placed on two zeroes in the American Roulette game.
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